Strawberry Field 50K

31 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Mike Verdonk 37MTacomaWA04:51:510:09:25M811 
2 Amanda Mazzenga 29FSeattleWA05:06:260:09:53F611 
3 Jean-gael Reboul 43MSeattleWA05:21:060:10:21M912 
4 Adam Zbinden 32M PortlandOR05:21:250:10:22M713 
5 Stephen Petretto 39M PortlandOR05:33:560:10:46M824 
6 Chelsea Olson 33F VancouverWA05:40:290:10:59F712 
7 Nicholas Ostrovsky 39MAnchorageAK05:43:510:11:06M835 
8 Aaron Finley 40M PortlandOR05:54:340:11:26M926 
9 Shawn Fels 33MCamasWA06:06:410:11:50M727 
10 Matthew Cavagnaro 37M PortlandOR06:19:190:12:14M848 
11 Lindsey Middendorf 33FAnchorageAK06:20:270:12:16F723 
12 Travis Cox 22MSeattleWA06:21:110:12:18M519 
13 Ron Homer 49M VancouverWA06:23:590:12:23M10110 
14 Dawn Norton 45FSeattleWA06:33:140:12:41F1014 
15 Jennifer Shultis 50F PortlandOR06:37:540:12:50F1115 
16 Kristoffer Lindstrom 45MGreshamOR06:44:440:13:03M10211 
17 Liam Carroll 33MSeattleWA06:47:570:13:10M7312 
18 Sean Kenney 31M PortlandOR06:50:550:13:15M7413 
19 Tom Chakerian 61MGig HarborWA07:06:200:13:45M13114 
20 Madeleine Sellers 60FSkamaniaWA07:13:500:13:59F1316 
21 Lori Mccarthy 49FPalatkaFL07:23:110:14:18F1027 
22 Cortney Suderman 33FTumwaterWA07:24:520:14:21F738 
23 Matthew Prinvale 38M VancouverWA07:27:500:14:27M8515 
24 Jackie Peterson 36F VancouverWA07:36:260:14:43F819 
25 Samuel Griffin 34MSeattleWA07:46:540:15:04M7516 
26 Audrey Taber 21FSeattleWA08:05:360:15:40F5110 
27 Paul Butzi 60MCarnationWA08:14:270:15:57M13217 
28 Bryan Mears 59MHood RiverOR08:29:390:16:26M12118 
29 Troy Wicks 52MWoodburnOR08:31:320:16:30M11119 
30 Paula Butzi 58FCarnationWA08:32:440:16:32F12111 
31 Ardara Farmer 35F VancouverWA08:43:470:16:54F8212 
32 Terri Hayes 76FInvernessFL10:51:510:21:02F16113 
33 Mirna Valerio 43FBrooklynNY11:02:020:21:21F9114 
34 Amy Stobbe 33FSt HelensOR11:04:390:21:26F7415 
35 Paul Norton 52MSeattleWA11:39:260:22:34M11220 
36 Kelly Reed 37FProsserWA12:16:450:23:46F8316 

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