1A Trico League Championship Middle

1.5 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Joseph Blanshan 0MMs_la Center 00:08:340:05:42M111 
2 Kadyn Butcher 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:09:050:06:03M122 
3 Parker Dangleis 0MMs_hockinson 00:09:060:06:04M133 
4 Jackson Wolf 0MMs_hockinson 00:09:080:06:05M144 
5 Camden Uffelman 0MMs_henkle 00:09:090:06:06M155 
6 Colin Trang 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:09:280:06:19M166 
7 Bodi Hill 0MMs_henkle 00:09:310:06:20M177 
8 Justus Davis 0MMs_trout Lake 00:09:330:06:22M188 
9 Aiden Fitzjarrald 0MMs_henkle 00:09:550:06:37M199 
10 Kemp Fisher 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:09:550:06:37M11010 
11 Judah Pearson 0MMs_trout Lake 00:09:560:06:37M11111 
12 Aidan Mcdaid 0MMs_la Center 00:09:590:06:40M11212 
13 Aidan Suchecki 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:10:030:06:42M11313 
14 Zach Fluit 0MMs_henkle 00:10:090:06:46M11414 
15 Calvin Andrews 0MMs_henkle 00:10:140:06:49M11515 
16 Kevin Ziegler 0MMs_henkle 00:10:140:06:49M11616 
17 Liam Murphy 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:10:150:06:50M11817 
18 Justin Burks 0MMs_castle Rock 00:10:150:06:50M11718 
19 Scotty Mcpherson 0MWhisper Running 00:10:160:06:51M11919 
20 Dasher Evans 0MMs_trout Lake 00:10:180:06:52M12020 
21 Andrew Meier 0MMs_hockinson 00:10:220:06:55M12121 
22 Noah Roden 0MMs_henkle 00:10:280:06:59M12222 
23 Michael Mccoyiii 0MWhisper Running 00:10:320:07:01M12323 
24 Kasen Meyers 0MMs_castle Rock 00:10:400:07:07M12424 
25 Hunter Baron 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:10:420:07:08M12525 
26 Degenet Pratt 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:10:430:07:09M12626 
27 Troy Muehlbauer 0MMs_henkle 00:10:440:07:10M12727 
28 Carter Stennick 0MMs_castle Rock 00:10:470:07:11M12828 
29 Carter Conway 0MMs_hockinson 00:10:540:07:16M12929 
30 Brayden Disbrow 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:10:560:07:17M13030 
31 Braden Roth 0MMs_hockinson 00:10:580:07:19M13131 
32 Luke Harrison 0MMs_henkle 00:10:590:07:19M13232 
33 Talon Matson 0MMs_hockinson 00:11:030:07:22M13333 
34 Stefan Marvin 0MMs_henkle 00:11:050:07:23M13434 
35 Nathan Chambers 0MMs_henkle 00:11:060:07:24M13535 
36 Noah Sheeves 0MMs_henkle 00:11:070:07:25M13636 
37 Grayson Caldwell 0MWhisper Running 00:11:090:07:26M13737 
38 Nic Simpkins 0MMs_wind River 00:11:200:07:33M13838 
39 Owen Liss 0MWhisper Running 00:11:220:07:35M13939 
40 Sawyer Stein 0MMs_henkle 00:11:230:07:35M14040 
41 Cody Shute 0MMs_henkle 00:11:260:07:37M14141 
42 Johnathan Taylor 0MMs_henkle 00:11:330:07:42M14242 
43 Levi Childers 0MMs_henkle 00:11:380:07:45M14343 
44 Anderson Beckett 0MMs_hockinson 00:11:430:07:48M14444 
45 Dylan Shopp 0MMs_hockinson 00:11:440:07:49M14545 
46 Drew Ellis 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:11:460:07:51M14646 
47 Che Ivanoff-tillinghast 0MMs_henkle 00:11:480:07:52M14747 
48 Charlie Hooper 0MMs_henkle 00:11:490:07:52M14848 
49 Davis Logosz 0MMs_wind River 00:11:500:07:53M14949 
50 Tristen Throop 0MMs_wind River 00:11:560:07:57M15050 
51 Adam Johnston 0MMs_wind River 00:12:060:08:04M15151 
52 Gabe Royce 0MMs_hockinson 00:12:100:08:07M15252 
53 Luke Miller 0MMs_henkle 00:12:220:08:14M15353 
54 Lucas Fabianek 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:12:340:08:23M15454 
55 Brodey Sanders 0MMs_la Center 00:12:450:08:30M15555 
56 Henry Wilson 0MMs_henkle 00:12:480:08:32M15656 
57 Ryan Meitz 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:13:040:08:43M15757 
58 Aiden Anaya 0MMs_hockinson 00:13:090:08:46M15858 
59 Blake Bruning 0MMs_hockinson 00:13:200:08:53M15959 
60 Logan Jones 0MMs_la Center 00:13:290:08:59M16060 
61 Cale Erickson 0MMs_hockinson 00:13:340:09:03M16161 
62 Isaiah Tsikayi 0MMs_hockinson 00:13:380:09:05M16262 
63 Emerson Kim 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:14:020:09:21M16363 
64 Jayden Bill 0MMs_wind River 00:15:340:10:22M16464 
65 Phoenix Bryan 0MMs_wind River 00:19:150:12:50M16565 
66 Eli Esch 0MMs_wind River 00:21:250:14:17M16666 

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