1A Trico League Championship Boys V

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Calvin Dubois 0MLa Center 00:16:530:05:27M111 
2 David Carrion 0MSeton Catholic 00:16:570:05:28M122 
3 Jacob Lockman 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:16:580:05:29M133 
4 Dylan Beneventi 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:17:020:05:30M144 
5 Abiy Lacombe 0MStevenson 00:17:210:05:36M155 
6 Jeran Keogh 0MCastle Rock 00:17:320:05:39M166 
7 Ethan Andrews 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:17:580:05:48M177 
8 Koen Ross 0MSeton Catholic 00:18:030:05:49M188 
9 Mateo Macial-curry 0MLa Center 00:18:040:05:50M199 
10 Isaac Brown 0MLa Center 00:18:060:05:50M11010 
11 Sean Murray 0MLa Center 00:18:130:05:52M11111 
12 Trevor Gunderson 0MLa Center 00:18:140:05:53M11212 
13 Niklas Boehm 0MSeton Catholic 00:18:170:05:54M11313 
14 Garett Shapovalov 0MLa Center 00:18:180:05:54M11414 
15 Cole Harrison 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:18:200:05:55M11515 
16 Finn Coffin 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:18:230:05:56M11616 
17 Gerald Hoff 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:18:260:05:57M11717 
18 Jackson Leavitt 0MLa Center 00:18:310:05:58M11818 
19 Julio Ramos 0MStevenson 00:18:360:05:59M11919 
20 Declan Liddiard 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:18:450:06:03M12020 
21 Colton Dalia 0MKing's Way Christian 00:18:480:06:04M12121 
22 Nathan Rose 0MKing's Way Christian 00:18:570:06:07M12222 
23 Josh Freitag 0MSeton Catholic 00:19:020:06:08M12323 
24 Connor Black 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:19:050:06:09M12424 
25 Foxx Walz 0MKing's Way Christian 00:19:080:06:10M12525 
26 Danial Lemmon 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:19:090:06:11M12626 
27 Evan Smith 0MLa Center 00:19:140:06:12M12727 
28 Luke Samuels 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:19:250:06:16M12828 
29 Tyler Jennings 0MLa Center 00:19:260:06:16M12929 
30 Hunter Mallicoat 0MLa Center 00:19:270:06:17M13030 
31 Austin Schaffran 0MCastle Rock 00:19:360:06:19M13131 
32 Benny Davidson 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:19:470:06:23M13232 
33 Spencer Holm 0MLa Center 00:19:480:06:23M13333 
34 James Carmona 0MLa Center 00:19:540:06:25M13434 
35 Aaron Blanshan 0MLa Center 00:19:570:06:26M13535 
36 Roberto Ochoa 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:19:580:06:27M13636 
37 Timothy Hurley 0MLa Center 00:20:060:06:29M13737 
38 Aaron Ross 0MCastle Rock 00:20:080:06:30M13838 
39 Justin Pilgrim 0MKing's Way Christian 00:20:080:06:30M13939 
40 Manny Smith 0MStevenson 00:20:090:06:30M14040 
41 Sebastien Foulger 0MCastle Rock 00:20:140:06:32M14141 
42 Kai Thomas 0MKing's Way Christian 00:20:170:06:33M14242 
43 Parker Labeau 0MCastle Rock 00:20:180:06:33M14343 
44 Andrew Tew 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:20:250:06:35M14444 
45 Donovan Bailey 0MKing's Way Christian 00:20:260:06:35M14645 
46 Gregory Haner 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:20:260:06:36M14546 
47 Topher Strong 0MSeton Catholic 00:20:530:06:44M14747 
48 Jacob Denley 0MLa Center 00:20:550:06:45M14848 
49 Howard Beer 0MCastle Rock 00:21:030:06:47M14949 
50 Johnathan Cobarruvias 0MStevenson 00:21:070:06:49M15050 
51 Sam Jackson 0MSeton Catholic 00:21:090:06:49M15151 
52 Ethan Soyars 0MCastle Rock 00:21:150:06:51M15252 
53 Michael Piazza 0MSeton Catholic 00:21:180:06:52M15353 
54 James Hallstrom 0MLa Center 00:21:360:06:58M15454 
55 Joseph Hernandez 0MCastle Rock 00:21:400:06:59M15555 
56 Logan Hoffberger 0MStevenson 00:21:410:06:59M15656 
57 Eugenio Vidales 0MSeton Catholic 00:21:420:06:59M15757 
58 Eli Johnson 0MLa Center 00:21:430:07:00M15858 
59 Ossama Elkoshairi 0MLa Center 00:21:580:07:05M15959 
60 Dylan Muehlbauer 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:22:120:07:10M16060 
61 Khal Cason 0MKing's Way Christian 00:22:250:07:14M16161 
62 Paulo Vidales 0MSeton Catholic 00:22:290:07:15M16262 
63 Josh Hockett 0MCastle Rock 00:22:350:07:17M16363 
64 David Mullen 0MCastle Rock 00:22:580:07:25M16464 
65 Alex Gonzalez 0MSeton Catholic 00:23:060:07:27M16565 
66 Beren Anderson 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:23:130:07:29M16666 
67 Jason Huber 0MStevenson 00:23:330:07:36M16767 
68 Aidan Munoz 0MStevenson 00:23:340:07:36M16868 
69 Timothy Howard 0MLa Center 00:23:420:07:39M16969 
70 Brenden Dudley 0MStevenson 00:23:430:07:39M17070 
71 Justice Sigmund-kuanoni 0MCastle Rock 00:23:570:07:43M17171 
72 Ian Urias 0MSeton Catholic 00:24:280:07:53M17272 
73 Brice Liedtke 0MStevenson 00:24:330:07:55M17373 
74 Jed Matthias 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:24:430:07:58M17474 
75 Steven Macrum 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:24:590:08:04M17575 
76 Dakota Gottschalk 0MCastle Rock 00:25:120:08:08M17676 
77 Conner Ness 0MCastle Rock 00:25:180:08:10M17777 
78 Cole Hooper 0MCastle Rock 00:25:280:08:13M17878 
79 Imaan Mohandessi 0MSeton Catholic 00:25:410:08:17M17979 
80 Anthony Maine 0MCastle Rock 00:26:020:08:24M18080 
81 Justin Chaffin 0MStevenson 00:26:030:08:24M18181 
82 Luke Anderson 0MCastle Rock 00:26:090:08:26M18282 
83 Samuel Vanwagner 0MStevenson 00:26:300:08:33M18383 
84 Noah Carlos 0MSeton Catholic 00:27:440:08:57M18484 
85 Knowa Reavy 0MStevenson 00:28:010:09:02M18585 
86 Ashton Leonard 0MStevenson 00:28:160:09:07M18686 
87 Jr Dow 0MCastle Rock 00:28:230:09:09M18787 
88 Willard Throop 0MStevenson 00:29:270:09:30M18888 
89 Tristan Wardel 0MCastle Rock 00:29:530:09:38M18989 

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