1A Trico League Championship Boys V

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 David Carrion 0MSeton Catholic 00:16:400:05:23M111 
2 Jacob Lockman 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:17:000:05:29M122 
3 Dylan Beneventi 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:17:210:05:36M133 
4 Nathan Rose 0MKing's Way Christian 00:17:400:05:42M144 
5 Gerald Hoff 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:17:490:05:45M155 
6 Garett Shapovalov 0MLa Center 00:17:570:05:47M166 
7 Jackson Leavitt 0MLa Center 00:17:590:05:48M177 
8 Julio Ramos 0MStevenson 00:18:000:05:48M188 
9 Koen Ross 0MSeton Catholic 00:18:020:05:49M199 
10 Tommy Ziegler 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:18:040:05:50M11010 
11 Lebron Munoz 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:18:060:05:50M11111 
12 Trevor Gunderson 0MLa Center 00:18:100:05:52M11212 
13 Jeran Keogh 0MCastle Rock 00:18:180:05:54M11313 
14 Abiy Lacombe 0MStevenson 00:18:260:05:57M11414 
15 Spencer Holm 0MLa Center 00:18:320:05:59M11515 
16 Josh Freitag 0MSeton Catholic 00:18:420:06:02M11616 
17 Julian Munn-foster 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:18:430:06:02M11717 
18 Luke Samuels 0MColumbia (white Salmon) 00:18:500:06:04M11818 
19 Paulo Vidales 0MSeton Catholic 00:18:520:06:05M11919 
20 Foxx Walz 0MKing's Way Christian 00:18:530:06:06M12020 
21 Tyler Jennings 0MLa Center 00:18:560:06:06M12121 
22 James Hallstrom 0MLa Center 00:18:570:06:07M12222 
23 Colby Cook 0MCastle Rock 00:19:040:06:09M12323 
24 Hunter Mallicoat 0MLa Center 00:19:090:06:11M12424 
25 Hayden Miller 0MSeton Catholic 00:19:260:06:16M12525 
26 Aaron Ross 0MCastle Rock 00:19:270:06:17M12626 
27 Justin Pilgrim 0MKing's Way Christian 00:19:470:06:23M12727 
28 Steven Sanders 0MSeton Catholic 00:20:030:06:28M12828 
29 Michael Piazza 0MSeton Catholic 00:20:080:06:30M12929 
30 Logan Hoffberger 0MStevenson 00:20:370:06:39M13030 
31 Keagan Shepherd 0MStevenson 00:20:460:06:42M13131 
32 Johnathan Cobarruvias 0MStevenson 00:20:530:06:44M13232 
33 Mathew Lepoidevin 0MStevenson 00:21:240:06:54M13333 
34 Connor Edwards 0MCastle Rock 00:21:580:07:05M13434 
35 Parker Labeau 0MCastle Rock 00:21:580:07:05M13535 
36 Jackson Moses 0MKing's Way Christian 00:22:170:07:11M13636 
37 Spencer Bishop 0MCastle Rock 00:22:570:07:24M13737 
38 Josh Hockett 0MCastle Rock 00:23:350:07:36M13838 
39 Jason Huber 0MStevenson 00:24:170:07:50M13939 

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