5K Trail Trekker

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Alexander Neu 31M TigardOR00:21:190:06:52M711 
2 Sam Roach 13M  00:23:100:07:28M312 
3 Alexander Edward 27MHillsboroOR00:24:040:07:46M613 
4 Rachel Baldwin 35F TigardOR00:24:570:08:03F811 
5 Courtney Prokosch 31F  00:25:080:08:06F712 
6 Claire Roach 11FTualatinOR00:25:200:08:10F313 
7 Devin Karamanos 40MTualatinOR00:25:310:08:14M914 
8 Joe Bonica 65MTualatinOR00:25:550:08:22M1415 
9 Jacqueline Johnson 32FTualatinOR00:26:100:08:26F724 
10 Madison May 29F VancouverWA00:26:490:08:39F615 
11 Elizabeth Roach 43FTualatinOR00:26:520:08:40F916 
12 Jason Roach 45M  00:26:540:08:41M1016 
13 Lily Hughes 13F  00:26:560:08:41F327 
14 Cole Aichele 7MWilsonvilleOR00:27:040:08:44M217 
15 Jason Ocker 41M  00:27:070:08:45M928 
16 Dylan Rynaski 21MClackamasOR00:27:250:08:51M519 
17 Felicity Woebkenberg 35F Lake OswegoOR00:27:300:08:52F828 
18 Jason Woebkenberg 35M Lake OswegoOR00:27:300:08:52M8110 
19 Tom Aichele 37MWilsonvilleOR00:27:570:09:01M8211 
20 Carmen Meyer 39F  00:29:150:09:26F839 
21 John Meyer 52MSherwoodOR00:29:150:09:26M11112 
22 Ethan Bennett 13M  00:29:230:09:29M3213 
23 Robert Mardock 39MLake OswegoFP00:29:250:09:29M8314 
24 Jacob May 37M  00:30:320:09:51M8415 
25 Mike Flinker 41M  00:30:420:09:54M9316 
26 Chicory Eddy 45FTualatinOR00:30:560:09:59F10110 
27 Adam Wachter 38MTualatinOR00:30:580:09:59M8517 
28 Jill Walters 42F  00:30:590:09:59F9211 
29 Lauren Kelly 23FHappy ValleyOR00:31:020:10:01F5112 
30 Marquese Hayes 22M  00:31:020:10:01M5218 
31 Annette Vaughan 46FCanbyOR00:32:040:10:21F10213 
32 Christen Starr 33FTualatinOR00:32:200:10:26F7314 
33 Kenny Pratt 9MTualatinOR00:32:390:10:32M2219 
34 Valerie Pratt 55FTualatinOR00:32:400:10:32F12115 
35 Bruce Goedecke 51MSherwoodOR00:33:010:10:39M11220 
36 Kathy Swales 48FSandyOR00:33:080:10:41F10316 
37 Rachel Engstrom 47FTualatinOR00:34:470:11:13F10417 
38 Megan Stilson 41F TigardOR00:35:230:11:25F9318 
39 Alisha Finke 31FWilsonvilleOR00:35:310:11:27F7419 
40 Nick Finke 31M  00:35:320:11:28M7221 
41 Crystal Woods 49FForest GroveOR00:35:550:11:35F10520 
42 Hannah Woods 20F  00:35:550:11:35F5221 
43 Sean Murphy 41M TigardOR00:36:080:11:39M9422 
44 Nicholas Desalvo 35M PortlandOR00:36:080:11:39M8623 
45 Jennifer Hughes 48FTualatinOR00:36:530:11:54F10622 
46 Tom Hatcher 49MTualatinOR00:37:130:12:00M10224 
47 Michele Hoang 46FTualatinOR00:38:520:12:32F10723 
48 Rachel Aichele 33F  00:39:080:12:37F7524 
49 Lucy Schmidgall 66FSilvertonOR00:39:280:12:44F14125 
50 Stuart Byron 58M PortlandOR00:39:490:12:51M12125 
51 Terri Imbach 45FTualatinOR00:39:530:12:52F10826 
52 Payton Imbach 0MTualatinOR00:39:530:12:52 126 
53 Julie Sterrett 31FTualatinOR00:41:160:13:19F7627 
54 Katie Voss 34FSilvertonOR00:41:170:13:19F7728 
55 Jennifer Mccallum 39F  00:41:170:13:19F8429 
56 Lisa Mutchler 30F BeavertonOR00:42:290:13:42F7830 
57 Cynthia Wilson 59FSilvertonOR00:45:140:14:36F12231 
58 Judy Butz 69F BeavertonOR00:45:590:14:50F14232 
59 Diana Ash 46FAuroraOR00:46:260:14:59F10933 
60 Christa Aichele 12FWilsonvilleOR00:47:410:15:23F3334 
61 Emma Aichele 11FWilsonvilleOR00:47:410:15:23F3435 
62 Dan Szydlowski 41M  00:48:530:15:46M9527 
63 Mark Lang 57M  00:48:530:15:46M12228 
64 Rosie Bergeron 39F PortlandOR00:49:420:16:02F8536 
65 Amanda Hutchings 42F BeavertonOR00:49:420:16:02F9437 
66 Ron Young 41MTualatinOR00:51:210:16:34M9629 
67 Audri Carey 43F  00:52:130:16:51F9538 
68 Lara Mclaughlin 45F  00:52:150:16:51F101039 
69 Joella Finch 34FMolallaOR00:52:180:16:52F7940 
70 Maddie Traynor 21F TigardOR00:52:220:16:53F5341 
71 Liz Grun 60F TigardOR00:52:230:16:54F13142 
72 Jeannine Traynor 46F TigardOR00:52:240:16:54F101143 
73 Jose Peralta 41M  00:53:110:17:09M9730 
74 Misty Dupont 36F  00:53:110:17:09F8644 
75 Joaquin Leyba 41M  00:53:390:17:18M9831 
76 Les Boatsman 41MTualatinOR00:53:550:17:23M9932 
77 Tom Ewing 0MTualatinOR00:53:560:17:24 233 
78 Gavin Gersaba 4MTualatinOR00:54:030:17:26M1134 
79 Sagan Gersaba 30M  00:54:050:17:27M7335 
80 Diane Conrad 50FTualatinOR00:54:070:17:27F11145 
81 Amber Patz 23F  00:54:280:17:34F5446 
82 Karen Mallari 42F  00:54:280:17:34F9647 
83 Kate Story 35F Lake OswegoOR00:54:290:17:34F8748 
84 Tiera Babcock 41F  00:54:550:17:43F9749 
85 Nikkie Kov 41F  00:54:560:17:43F9850 
86 Leslie Stampley 50FTualatinOR00:54:560:17:43F11251 
87 Rosie Bergeron 39F PortlandOR00:55:350:17:56F8852 
88 Leona Ulberg 70FTualatinOR00:55:370:17:56F15153 
89 Margaret Miller 55F TigardOR00:55:410:17:58F12354 
90 Milton Miller 50M  00:55:420:17:58M11336 
91 Andrew Skaug 8M PortlandOR00:55:440:17:59M2337 
92 Stuart Skaug 39M PortlandOR00:55:460:17:59M8738 
93 Emily Skaug 4F PortlandOR00:55:480:18:00F1155 
94 Caroline Skaug 38F PortlandOR00:55:510:18:01F8956 
95 Sandy Tosti 64F  00:56:540:18:21F13257 
96 Scott Willis 29M BeavertonOR00:57:060:18:25M6239 
97 Dale Potts 74M  00:57:060:18:25M15140 
98 Carolyn Horne 59F TigardOR00:57:060:18:25F12458 
99 Lindsay Horne 27F BeavertonOR00:57:070:18:25F6259 
100 Sean Booth 36M  00:57:180:18:29M8841 
101 Landon Booth 5MTualatinOR00:57:190:18:29M2442 
102 Anna Booth 36FTualatinOR00:57:410:18:36F81060 
103 Ryan Carmichael 32MTualatinOR00:57:570:18:41M7443 
104 Natalie Carmichael 35FTualatinOR00:57:570:18:42F81161 
105 Brian Glass 35M  00:58:130:18:47M8944 
106 Leah Glass 35FTualatinOR00:58:140:18:47F81262 
107 David Clemans 61MHillsboroOR00:59:490:19:18M13145 
108 Paul Baumer 64MTualatinOR01:00:550:19:39M13246 
109 Barbara Baumer 63F  01:00:550:19:39F13363 
110 Celia Volk 55FTualatinOR01:02:020:20:00F12564 
111 Arthur Brenr 48M PortlandOR01:02:030:20:01M10347 
112 Hannah Vandervelden 28F  01:02:440:20:14F6365 
113 Gelena Dedlow 57FTualatinOR01:02:560:20:18F12666 
114 Diane Deleporte 61F  01:02:570:20:18F13467 

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