Trico League Middle School Boys Van

1.5 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Aiden Stewart 0MMs_liberty 00:09:200:06:13M111 
2 Kadyn Butcher 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:09:290:06:20M122 
3 Colin Trang 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:09:330:06:22M133 
4 Nathan Chui 0MMs_skyridge 00:09:340:06:22M144 
5 Luke Tupper 0MMs_skyridge 00:09:340:06:23M155 
6 Carter Gorczyca 0MMs_liberty 00:09:400:06:27M166 
7 Joshua Mckinstry 0MMs_skyridge 00:09:540:06:36M177 
8 Hayden Reich 0MMs_skyridge 00:09:590:06:39M188 
9 Emilio Sanchez 0MMs_skyridge 00:10:040:06:42M199 
10 Max Gregory 0MMs_liberty 00:10:070:06:44M11010 
11 Kemp Fisher 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:10:120:06:48M11111 
12 Willem Martin 0MMs_liberty 00:10:230:06:55M11212 
13 Michael Mccoyiii 0MWhisper Running 00:10:260:06:57M11313 
14 Kasen Meyers 0MMs_castle Rock 00:10:370:07:04M11414 
15 Toby Jefferies 0MMs_liberty 00:10:390:07:06M11515 
16 Aidan Suchecki 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:10:400:07:07M11616 
17 Quinn Dorney 0MMs_skyridge 00:10:410:07:07M11717 
18 Ethan Gessler 0MMs_skyridge 00:10:420:07:08M11818 
19 Riley Potter 0MMs_liberty 00:10:430:07:09M11919 
20 Maximillian Ensinger 0MMs_skyridge 00:10:440:07:09M12020 
21 Andres Jenkins 0MMs_liberty 00:10:450:07:10M12121 
22 Sam Duffey 0MMs_liberty 00:10:530:07:16M12222 
23 Brody Marcum 0MMs_skyridge 00:10:540:07:16M12323 
24 Justin Burks 0MMs_castle Rock 00:10:570:07:18M12424 
25 Bryce Borst 0MMs_liberty 00:10:570:07:18M12525 
26 Benjamin Carter 0MMs_liberty 00:10:580:07:19M12626 
27 Samuel Oulman 0MMs_skyridge 00:11:000:07:20M12727 
28 Hunter Baron 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:11:030:07:22M12828 
29 Corbin Kost 0MMs_liberty 00:11:050:07:23M12929 
30 Liam Murphy 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:11:070:07:24M13030 
31 Degenet Pratt 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:11:100:07:27M13131 
32 Markku Laukkanen 0MMs_liberty 00:11:110:07:27M13232 
33 Patrick Hutchison 0MMs_skyridge 00:11:130:07:29M13333 
34 Scotty Mcpherson 0MWhisper Running 00:11:140:07:29M13434 
35 Evan Wood 0MMs_liberty 00:11:200:07:33M13535 
36 Carter Stennick 0MMs_castle Rock 00:11:210:07:34M13636 
37 Dominique Domanskiy 0MMs_skyridge 00:11:230:07:35M13737 
38 Daniel Hutchison 0MMs_skyridge 00:11:240:07:36M13838 
39 Collin Burgess 0MMs_liberty 00:11:280:07:39M13939 
40 Ethan Webberley 0MMs_skyridge 00:11:290:07:39M14040 
41 Alex Lenoir 0MMs_liberty 00:11:310:07:40M14141 
42 Nicholas Myers 0MMs_skyridge 00:11:340:07:42M14242 
43 Wyatt Sproul 0MWhisper Running 00:11:340:07:43M14343 
44 Nic Simpkins 0MMs_wind River 00:11:360:07:44M14544 
45 Cody Elliot 0MMs_liberty 00:11:360:07:44M14445 
46 Brayden Disbrow 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:11:380:07:46M14646 
47 Cameron Reiter 0MMs_skyridge 00:11:410:07:47M14747 
48 Grayson Caldwell 0MWhisper Running 00:11:440:07:49M14948 
49 Drew Ellis 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:11:440:07:49M14849 
50 Mason Fishburn 0MMs_liberty 00:11:450:07:50M15050 
51 Lukas Child 0MMs_liberty 00:11:480:07:52M15151 
52 Matthew Randolph 0MMs_liberty 00:11:590:07:59M15252 
53 Drew Blaesing 0MMs_skyridge 00:12:030:08:02M15353 
54 Tristen Throop 0MMs_wind River 00:12:070:08:04M15454 
55 Davis Logosz 0MMs_wind River 00:12:270:08:18M15555 
56 Rafe Loren 0MMs_skyridge 00:12:300:08:20M15656 
57 Austin Lattanzi 0MMs_skyridge 00:12:320:08:21M15757 
58 Lewis Gillespie 0MMs_skyridge 00:12:330:08:22M15858 
59 William Jolley 0MMs_skyridge 00:12:360:08:24M15959 
60 Sam Perry 0MMs_liberty 00:12:390:08:26M16060 
61 Faate Reavy 0MMs_wind River 00:12:400:08:27M16161 
62 Hayden Lukowiak 0MMs_liberty 00:12:420:08:28M16262 
63 Austin Hill 0MMs_liberty 00:12:450:08:30M16363 
64 Lucas Fabianek 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:12:470:08:32M16464 
65 Nolan Crowe 0MMs_liberty 00:13:200:08:53M16565 
66 Aaron Forsyth 0MMs_skyridge 00:13:210:08:54M16666 
67 Jack Booth 0MMs_liberty 00:13:450:09:10M16767 
68 Ryan Meitz 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:14:190:09:32M16868 
69 Levi Heaston 0MMs_skyridge 00:14:290:09:40M16969 
70 Garrett Maul 0MMs_skyridge 00:14:470:09:51M17070 
71 Thomas Martinez 0MMs_liberty 00:14:510:09:54M17171 
72 Emerson Kim 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:14:540:09:56M17272 
73 Rory Jensen 0MMs_liberty 00:14:550:09:56M17373 
74 Ty Barnes 0MMs_liberty 00:15:050:10:04M17474 
75 Jayden Bill 0MMs_wind River 00:15:550:10:36M17575 
76 Kameron Snyder 0MMs_skyridge 00:16:080:10:46M17676 
77 Phoenix Bryan 0MMs_wind River 00:19:170:12:51M17777 
78 Ryan Hymas 0MMs_skyridge 00:22:320:15:01M17878 

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