Tigard/Tualatin @ West Linn JV Boys

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Sebastian Handegard 0MWest Linn 00:18:030:05:49M111 
2 Brian Wicklund 0MWest Linn 00:18:130:05:52M122 
3 Ethan Sovde 0MWest Linn 00:18:180:05:54M133 
4 Ethan Love 0MTualatin 00:18:200:05:55M144 
5 Anthony Buzzelli 0MWest Linn 00:18:270:05:57M155 
6 Kogen Brown 0MWest Linn 00:18:280:05:58M166 
7 Jesus Rodriguezsandoval 0MTigard 00:18:300:05:58M177 
8 Cooper Hurley 0MWest Linn 00:18:460:06:03M188 
9 Max Parisio 0MWest Linn 00:18:490:06:04M199 
10 Zachary Katsuda 0MTualatin 00:18:510:06:05M11010 
11 Alex Campbell 0MWest Linn 00:19:080:06:10M11111 
12 Kyle Fennelly 0MTigard 00:19:100:06:11M11212 
13 Dylan Powell 0MWest Linn 00:19:120:06:12M11313 
14 Jacob Waufle 0MTigard 00:19:130:06:12M11514 
15 Sam Sanford 0MWest Linn 00:19:130:06:12M11415 
16 Dylan Liu 0MTigard 00:19:140:06:12M11616 
17 Nathan Haines 0MTualatin 00:19:170:06:13M11717 
18 Theodore Black 0MWest Linn 00:19:240:06:15M11818 
19 Keaton Redding 0MTualatin 00:19:290:06:17M11919 
20 Bryce Kelly 0MWest Linn 00:19:340:06:19M12020 
21 Tyler Coke 0MWest Linn 00:19:380:06:20M12121 
22 Daniel Mcelroy 0MWest Linn 00:19:420:06:21M12222 
23 Zachary Miller 0MWest Linn 00:19:460:06:22M12323 
24 Grady Spencer 0MTualatin 00:20:020:06:28M12424 
25 Nick Narancich 0MTualatin 00:20:030:06:28M12625 
26 Joseph Burke 0MWest Linn 00:20:030:06:28M12526 
27 Paul Smith 0MTualatin 00:20:040:06:28M12727 
28 Liam Groah 0MWest Linn 00:20:100:06:30M12828 
29 Kyle Bezio 0MWest Linn 00:20:110:06:31M12929 
30 Joseph Nguyen 0MTigard 00:20:120:06:31M13030 
31 Owen Erb 0MTigard 00:20:160:06:32M13131 
32 Sean Hanson 0MTualatin 00:20:190:06:33M13232 
33 Cameron Ortiz 0MWest Linn 00:20:210:06:34M13333 
34 Orion Aster-mullen 0MTigard 00:20:380:06:39M13434 
35 Mithun Karthikeyan 0MWest Linn 00:20:390:06:40M13535 
36 Hayden Fish 0MWest Linn 00:20:410:06:40M13636 
37 James Nicholson 0MWest Linn 00:20:440:06:41M13737 
38 Isaiah Harms 0MTigard 00:20:560:06:45M13838 
39 Sam Gehring 0MWest Linn 00:21:030:06:47M13939 
40 Henry Petterson 0MTualatin 00:21:060:06:48M14040 
41 Nick Chamberlin 0MTualatin 00:21:080:06:49M14141 
42 Atticus Waddell 0MTigard 00:21:090:06:49M14242 
43 Timothy Parsons 0MTualatin 00:21:110:06:50M14343 
44 Daniel Oliva 0MTualatin 00:21:180:06:52M14544 
45 Cameron Kamali 0MWest Linn 00:21:180:06:52M14445 
46 Joseph Oldham 0MTigard 00:21:190:06:53M14646 
47 Thomas Fels 0MWest Linn 00:21:240:06:54M14747 
48 Owen Magnusen 0MTigard 00:21:330:06:57M14848 
49 Ryan Olds 0MWest Linn 00:21:360:06:58M14949 
50 Christopher Antonucci 0MWest Linn 00:21:370:06:59M15050 
51 Tomasso Bellinzhagi 0MWest Linn 00:21:380:06:59M15151 
52 Camden Cook 0MWest Linn 00:21:420:06:59M15252 
53 Cohen Velazquez 0MTualatin 00:21:450:07:01M15353 
54 Darin Snow 0MTigard 00:21:520:07:03M15454 
55 Trevor Jones 0MWest Linn 00:21:560:07:05M15555 
56 Rowan Crowley 0MTigard 00:22:080:07:08M15656 
57 Caden Marton 0MTualatin 00:22:090:07:09M15857 
58 Wyatt Klinger 0MWest Linn 00:22:090:07:09M15758 
59 Jacob Rice 0MWest Linn 00:22:100:07:09M15959 
60 Cameron Smith 0MWest Linn 00:22:370:07:18M16060 
61 Noah Vu 0MTigard 00:22:380:07:18M16161 
62 Conner Hart 0MWest Linn 00:22:400:07:19M16262 
63 Taylor Christianson 0MWest Linn 00:22:420:07:19M16363 
64 Jensen Corella 0MWest Linn 00:23:060:07:27M16464 
65 Tobias Moos 0MWest Linn 00:23:110:07:29M16665 
66 Harper Chebuk 0MWest Linn 00:23:110:07:29M16566 
67 Calvin Hopkins 0MWest Linn 00:23:120:07:29M16767 
68 Bailey Bounnam 0MWest Linn 00:23:200:07:32M16968 
69 Grant Balsbough 0MWest Linn 00:23:200:07:32M16869 
70 Elijah Clark 0MWest Linn 00:23:210:07:32M17070 
71 Nolan Lampson 0MWest Linn 00:23:210:07:32M17171 
72 Ethan Shetler 0MTualatin 00:23:410:07:38M17272 
73 Lukas Clark 0MWest Linn 00:23:540:07:43M17373 
74 Thomas Taylor 0MWest Linn 00:23:540:07:43M17474 
75 Bryce Hopkins 0MTualatin 00:23:550:07:43M17575 
76 Rodney Sclater 0MWest Linn 00:24:060:07:46M17676 
77 Quinn Birmingham 0MWest Linn 00:25:070:08:06M17777 
78 Zach Lally 0MWest Linn 00:25:500:08:20M17878 
79 Ethan Mckinley 0MWest Linn 00:25:510:08:20M17979 
80 Ethan Wood 0MTualatin 00:26:020:08:24M18080 
81 Benji Mccoy 0MWest Linn 00:26:160:08:28M18181 
82 Luke Rogers 0MWest Linn 00:26:190:08:29M18282 
83 Kellen Stjohn 0MTualatin 00:27:050:08:44M18383 
84 Gabriel Harkema 0MWest Linn 00:27:120:08:46M18484 
85 Noah Wenig 0MWest Linn 00:29:250:09:29M18585 
86 Emmett Black 0MWest Linn 00:29:270:09:30M18686 
87 Nathan Reese 0MWest Linn 00:30:470:09:56M18787 

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