Lakeridge/StMarys/West Linn JV Girl

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Vesna Kesic 0FSt Mary's 00:22:400:07:19F111 
2 Olivia Cull 0FSt Mary's 00:22:420:07:19F122 
3 Lauren Look 0FSt Mary's 00:23:070:07:27F133 
4 Miranda Irwin 0FLakeridge 00:23:100:07:28F144 
5 Bella Royer 0FWest Linn 00:23:110:07:29F155 
6 Kayla Krueger 0FLakeridge 00:23:130:07:29F166 
7 Laurel Finlay 0FLakeridge 00:23:160:07:30F177 
8 Audrey Eucker 0FLakeridge 00:23:180:07:31F188 
9 Charlene Redder 0FSt Mary's 00:23:210:07:32F199 
10 Emily Peters 0FWest Linn 00:23:230:07:32F11010 
11 Kalyssa Kempthorn 0FLakeridge 00:23:360:07:37F11111 
12 Anika Wolfe 0FWest Linn 00:23:410:07:38F11212 
13 Anna Ferrarini 0FSt Mary's 00:23:410:07:38F11313 
14 Shay Hicks 0FWest Linn 00:23:500:07:41F11414 
15 Anastasia Klingler 0FSt Mary's 00:23:500:07:41F11515 
16 Tessa Divergilio 0FLakeridge 00:23:520:07:42F11616 
17 Daanya Siddiqui 0FSt Mary's 00:23:540:07:43F11717 
18 Gabriella Mcvicker 0FWest Linn 00:23:550:07:43F11818 
19 Anna Patterson 0FSt Mary's 00:23:560:07:43F11919 
20 Grace Jackson 0FWest Linn 00:23:580:07:44F12120 
21 Nelle Eveleth 0FLakeridge 00:23:580:07:44F12021 
22 Samantha Horn 0FWest Linn 00:24:000:07:45F12222 
23 Lucie Rutt 0FSt Mary's 00:24:110:07:48F12323 
24 Sarah Whitbey 0FWest Linn 00:24:130:07:49F12424 
25 Megan Talbert 0FWest Linn 00:24:240:07:52F12525 
26 Ella Schmitz 0FWest Linn 00:24:330:07:55F12626 
27 Maggie Wu 0FLakeridge 00:24:420:07:58F12727 
28 Anandi Williams 0FSt Mary's 00:24:470:07:59F12828 
29 Claressa Davis 0FSt Mary's 00:24:500:08:01F12929 
30 Grace Graham 0FSt Mary's 00:24:510:08:01F13030 
31 Mya Gordon 0FLakeridge 00:24:530:08:01F13131 
32 Ava Eucker 0FLakeridge 00:24:550:08:02F13232 
33 Sophie Dorn 0FSt Mary's 00:24:590:08:04F13333 
34 Emily Craddock 0FWest Linn 00:25:040:08:05F13434 
35 Lily Bartel 0FLakeridge 00:25:060:08:06F13535 
36 Maddie Self 0FWest Linn 00:25:080:08:06F13736 
37 Isabella Albin 0FLakeridge 00:25:080:08:06F13637 
38 Gabrielle Garcia 0FWest Linn 00:25:090:08:07F13838 
39 Varsha Karthikeyan 0FWest Linn 00:25:110:08:07F13939 
40 Addison Nuttbrock 0FSt Mary's 00:25:310:08:14F14040 
41 Anna Speer 0FWest Linn 00:25:340:08:15F14141 
42 Julia Ferrante 0FSt Mary's 00:25:390:08:17F14242 
43 Anya Cavender 0FSt Mary's 00:25:410:08:17F14343 
44 Payton Henry 0FWest Linn 00:25:430:08:18F14444 
45 Aida Lisignoli 0FSt Mary's 00:25:430:08:18F14545 
46 Fadia Nitrosso 0FSt Mary's 00:25:450:08:18F14646 
47 Gwyneth Merryman 0FSt Mary's 00:25:520:08:20F14747 
48 Nicole Konicke 0FLakeridge 00:25:540:08:21F14848 
49 Ella Whitaker 0FSt Mary's 00:25:580:08:22F14949 
50 Sophie Smith 0FSt Mary's 00:26:000:08:23F15050 
51 Emma Deering 0FWest Linn 00:26:010:08:23F15151 
52 Avery Behnke 0FSt Mary's 00:26:040:08:24F15352 
53 Rhea Grover 0FWest Linn 00:26:040:08:25F15253 
54 Abigail Schipper 0FSt Mary's 00:26:060:08:25F15554 
55 Emily Chandler 0FSt Mary's 00:26:060:08:25F15455 
56 Nicole Lang 0FWest Linn 00:26:070:08:25F15656 
57 Sophia Hallinan 0FSt Mary's 00:26:120:08:27F15757 
58 Maya Braut 0FSt Mary's 00:26:170:08:29F15858 
59 Caitlyn Ark 0FSt Mary's 00:26:180:08:29F15959 
60 Emma Rickett 0FWest Linn 00:26:310:08:33F16060 
61 Sophia Cowan 0FSt Mary's 00:26:380:08:35F16161 
62 Thea Dieter 0FSt Mary's 00:26:390:08:36F16262 
63 Rowan Nelson 0FLakeridge 00:26:400:08:36F16363 
64 Erin Freer 0FLakeridge 00:26:420:08:37F16464 
65 Channin Hall 0FSt Mary's 00:26:430:08:37F16565 
66 Ines Pitari 0FLakeridge 00:26:460:08:38F16666 
67 Anika Elias 0FSt Mary's 00:26:570:08:42F16767 
68 Lilly Curdy 0FWest Linn 00:27:140:08:47F16868 
69 Madelyn Kavalieros 0FSt Mary's 00:27:250:08:51F16969 
70 Jenny Li 0FLakeridge 00:27:270:08:51F17070 
71 Lucy Holland 0FSt Mary's 00:27:410:08:56F17171 
72 Sophia Heiden 0FWest Linn 00:27:450:08:57F17272 
73 Ander Woodrum 0FWest Linn 00:27:480:08:58F17373 
74 Lucy Adams 0FLakeridge 00:27:490:08:58F17474 
75 Sydney Sovde 0FWest Linn 00:27:520:08:59F17575 
76 Alexis Karbowicz 0FSt Mary's 00:27:530:08:59F17676 
77 Hannah Mohtadi 0FSt Mary's 00:27:540:09:00F17777 
78 Emma Eddington 0FWest Linn 00:27:580:09:01F17878 
79 Priya Kadel 0FWest Linn 00:28:140:09:06F17979 
80 Charlotte Cowan-ruth 0FSt Mary's 00:28:140:09:06F18080 
81 Natalie Goldberg 0FLakeridge 00:28:210:09:09F18181 
82 Anika Olsen 0FLakeridge 00:28:210:09:09F18282 
83 Olivia Reed 0FLakeridge 00:28:340:09:13F18383 
84 Hailey Davis 0FWest Linn 00:29:030:09:22F18484 
85 Eleanor Williams 0FWest Linn 00:29:120:09:25F18585 
86 Isabel Peligera 0FWest Linn 00:29:540:09:39F18686 
87 Sonja Bengston 0FWest Linn 00:30:080:09:43F18787 
88 Olivia Petersen 0FSt Mary's 00:30:200:09:47F18888 
89 Isabella Ferruzzi 0FSt Mary's 00:31:010:10:00F18989 
90 Cecelia Eddie 0FSt Mary's 00:31:110:10:03F19090 
91 Izabel Raab 0FSt Mary's 00:31:240:10:08F19191 
92 Ruby Lewis 0FSt Mary's 00:31:390:10:13F19292 
93 Sunny Karbowicz 0FSt Mary's 00:33:320:10:49F19393 
94 Gulia Guadagni 0FWest Linn 00:35:390:11:30F19494 
95 Azure Malley-porter 0FWest Linn 00:35:390:11:30F19595 
96 Lauren Joscelyn 0FWest Linn 00:36:350:11:48F19696 
97 Sidney George 0FSt Mary's 00:37:210:12:03F19797 

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