Trico League Middle School Boys Lew

1.83 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Degenet Pratt 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:08:430:04:46M111 
2 Luke Gomes 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:08:490:04:49M122 
3 Braden Roth 0MMs_hockinson 00:09:100:05:01M133 
4 Austin Aseph 0MMs_la Center 00:09:150:05:03M144 
5 Thurston Lewis 0MMs_la Center 00:09:250:05:09M155 
6 Aidan Mcdaid 0MMs_la Center 00:09:270:05:10M166 
7 Quinton Crabb 0MMs_hockinson 00:09:330:05:13M177 
8 Andrew Meier 0MMs_hockinson 00:09:330:05:13M188 
9 Kemp Fisher 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:09:380:05:16M1109 
10 Hunter Baron 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:09:380:05:16M1910 
11 Carter Sherry 0MMs_la Center 00:09:430:05:19M11111 
12 Brady Sypher 0MMs_la Center 00:09:500:05:22M11212 
13 Carsen Gibbens 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:09:580:05:27M11313 
14 Talon Matson 0MMs_hockinson 00:09:590:05:27M11414 
15 Jake Mckee 0MMs_hockinson 00:10:010:05:28M11515 
16 Jake Kiever 0MMs_la Center 00:10:010:05:29M11616 
17 Wesley Mccandlish 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:10:100:05:34M11717 
18 Keiffer Yost 0MMs_la Center 00:10:120:05:34M11818 
19 Caden Taylor 0MMs_la Center 00:10:150:05:36M11919 
20 Carson Spotten 0MMs_la Center 00:10:330:05:46M12020 
21 Carson Vann 0MMs_la Center 00:10:330:05:46M12121 
22 Ian Guasco 0MMs_hockinson 00:10:350:05:47M12222 
23 Beckett Anderson 0MMs_hockinson 00:10:360:05:47M12323 
24 Tobin Oliver 0MMs_hockinson 00:10:370:05:48M12424 
25 Andrew Armstrong 0MMs_hockinson 00:10:480:05:54M12525 
26 Dylan Shopp 0MMs_hockinson 00:10:500:05:55M12626 
27 Aj Moses 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:10:590:06:01M12727 
28 Braydon Winston 0MMs_la Center 00:11:020:06:02M12928 
29 Ismail Elkoshairi 0MMs_la Center 00:11:020:06:02M12829 
30 Cameron Pulsipher 0MMs_hockinson 00:11:130:06:08M13030 
31 Julian Robinson 0MMs_washington School For 00:11:280:06:16M13131 
32 Judah Dye 0MMs_la Center 00:11:380:06:22M13232 
33 Callum Bradley 0MMs_la Center 00:11:570:06:32M13333 
34 Ryan Horsley 0MMs_hockinson 00:12:050:06:36M13434 
35 Omar Barragan 0MMs_washington School For 00:12:090:06:38M13535 
36 Orlando Zepeda 0MMs_washington School For 00:12:140:06:41M13636 
37 Logan Jones 0MMs_la Center 00:12:360:06:53M13737 
38 Carson Bright 0MMs_la Center 00:12:560:07:04M13838 
39 Blake Bruning 0MMs_hockinson 00:12:590:07:06M13939 
40 Conner Leibfried 0MMs_hockinson 00:13:360:07:26M14040 
41 Emerson Kim 0MMs_king's Way Christian 00:14:050:07:41M14141 
42 Jorge Barojas-hernandez 0MMs_washington School For 00:16:060:08:48M14242 
43 Angel Cruz 0MMs_washington School For 00:21:560:11:59M14343 

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