Trico League Middle School Girls Le

1.83 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Claire Jones 0FView Ridge 00:11:480:06:27F111 
2 Hanna Bailey 0FKing's Way Christian 00:11:510:06:28F122 
3 Marissa Williams 0FCedar Tree Classical Chri 00:12:580:07:05F133 
4 Cameron Jones 0FView Ridge 00:13:010:07:07F144 
5 Avery Dyer 0FHockinson 00:13:170:07:16F155 
6 Graceann Vanderploeg 0FCedar Tree Classical Chri 00:13:350:07:25F166 
7 Chelan Albers 0FCedar Tree Classical Chri 00:14:120:07:46F177 
8 Destiny Albers 0FCedar Tree Classical Chri 00:14:220:07:51F188 
9 Alisha Lewis 0FHockinson 00:14:240:07:52F199 
10 Sophia Reyes 0FCedar Tree Classical Chri 00:14:270:07:53F11010 
11 Ella Ross 0FView Ridge 00:14:290:07:55F11111 
12 Mei-ling Hsu 0FHockinson 00:14:440:08:03F11212 
13 Elena Norquist 0FCedar Tree Classical Chri 00:15:470:08:38F11313 
14 Olivia Pomroy 0FCastle Rock 00:15:530:08:41F11414 
15 Lexie Schlecht 0FCastle Rock 00:16:070:08:49F11515 
16 Meredith Fernandes 0FKing's Way Christian 00:16:120:08:51F11616 
17 Leah Walton 0FCastle Rock 00:16:150:08:53F11717 
18 Chloe Abbott 0FHockinson 00:16:340:09:03F11818 
19 Charlie Fisher 0FView Ridge 00:16:390:09:06F11919 
20 Catherine Berg 0FView Ridge 00:16:540:09:14F12020 
21 Emma Hall 0FCastle Rock 00:18:240:10:03F12121 
22 Mara Schwenneker 0FView Ridge 00:18:510:10:18F12222 
23 Jennica Griffith 0FView Ridge 00:19:340:10:41F12323 
24 Maya Kilbourne 0FHockinson 00:23:090:12:39F12424 

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