Tigard/Tualatin @ West Linn Varsity

3.1 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Dash Lipsey 0MWest Linn 00:16:270:05:18M111 
2 Samuel Roach 0MTualatin 00:16:280:05:19M122 
3 Lincoln Woodhouse 0MTigard 00:16:550:05:27M143 
4 Cole Rogers 0MWest Linn 00:16:550:05:27M134 
5 Matthew Moller 0MTigard 00:17:160:05:34M155 
6 Sam Smith 0MTualatin 00:17:180:05:35M166 
7 Jaiden Fishbein 0MWest Linn 00:17:200:05:35M177 
8 Dean Horton 0MTualatin 00:17:220:05:36M188 
9 Aidan Putnam 0MTualatin 00:17:270:05:38M199 
10 Aaron Lakeman 0MTualatin 00:17:340:05:40M11010 
11 Alexander Hernandez 0MTigard 00:17:400:05:42M11111 
12 Mitchell Ervin 0MTigard 00:17:450:05:43M11212 
13 Stanley Mylet 0MWest Linn 00:17:480:05:44M11313 
14 Max Mitchell 0MTualatin 00:17:490:05:45M11414 
15 Andrew Mcdade 0MTualatin 00:17:520:05:46M11615 
16 Jeffrey Jost 0MTualatin 00:17:520:05:46M11516 
17 Jadon Allen 0MTualatin 00:17:540:05:46M11717 
18 Jason Chitwood 0MWest Linn 00:17:550:05:47M11818 
19 Cavan Mikami 0MWest Linn 00:17:550:05:47M11919 
20 Kit Jordan 0MTualatin 00:18:020:05:49M12020 
21 Phillip Pierce 0MTualatin 00:18:150:05:53M12121 
22 Luke Wilson 0MTualatin 00:18:170:05:54M12222 
23 Sam Fitzgerald 0MTigard 00:18:180:05:54M12323 
24 Eli Chesler 0MTigard 00:18:200:05:55M12424 
25 Elijah Cirioli 0MWest Linn 00:18:270:05:57M12525 
26 Casey Culbertson 0MWest Linn 00:18:380:06:01M12626 
27 Zachary Benedetti 0MTigard 00:18:510:06:05M12727 
28 Luke Shaw 0MTigard 00:18:530:06:06M12828 

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