Ugly Sweater 10K Run

6.2 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Robert Roper 41M VancouverWA00:40:120:06:29M911 
2 Ian Abrams 17M  00:42:080:06:48M412 
3 Andy Hunter 15M  00:43:340:07:02M423 
4 Isac Robinson 16M Battle GroundWA00:44:590:07:15M434 
5 Austin Vega 14M  00:49:040:07:55M315 
6 Kandice Marks 35F VancouverWA00:49:280:07:59F811 
7 Mark Staub 61M VancouverWA00:49:360:08:00M1316 
8 Noah Altman 14MRidgefieldWA00:49:570:08:03M327 
9 Missy Watkins 20FLa CenterWA00:50:140:08:06F512 
10 Avery Sampson 28F VancouverWA00:50:150:08:06F613 
11 Beatrice Bremer 23FRidgefieldWA00:50:260:08:08F524 
12 Lisa Wourms 49FCamasWA00:51:110:08:15F1015 
13 Krista Pearson 36F VancouverWA00:51:110:08:15F826 
14 Laura Meyers 31F  00:52:240:08:27F717 
15 Elba Benzler 49MYacoltWA00:53:150:08:35M1018 
16 Tommy Hatcher 45MBrush PrairieWA00:53:250:08:37M1029 
17 Spencer Hess 15MRidgefieldWA00:54:480:08:50M4410 
18 Mike Minnick 66M VancouverWA00:54:550:08:52M14111 
19 Doug Bohn 59MHood RiverOR00:55:340:08:58M12112 
20 Stephen Pearson 35M VancouverWA00:56:070:09:03M8113 
21 Kelsey Oleary 26FRidgefieldWA00:56:310:09:07F628 
22 Kenzie Parrish 25F TigardOR00:56:420:09:09F639 
23 Laura Nelson 60FRidgefieldWA00:57:570:09:21F13110 
24 Helen Steelman 32FWashougalWA00:58:270:09:26F7211 
25 Jamie Boyle 33FRidgefieldWA00:58:490:09:29F7312 
26 Morgan Zerbach 28FRidgefieldWA00:58:500:09:29F6513 
27 Jillian Hall 27FTacomaWA00:58:500:09:29F6414 
28 Kara Ruzicka 36FRidgefieldWA00:58:560:09:30F8315 
29 Nancy Herron 68F Battle GroundWA01:02:430:10:07F14116 
30 Vanessa Lahuis 40F VancouverWA01:05:150:10:31F9117 
31 Emily Smith 40F BeavertonOR01:06:510:10:47F9218 
32 I-hsin Song 35F PortlandOR01:06:530:10:47F8419 
33 Anna Alexander 44F VancouverWA01:07:320:10:54F9320 
34 Diana Shaw 61F  01:07:380:10:54F13221 
35 Tiffani Lopez 46FRidgefieldWA01:13:060:11:47F10222 
36 Lindsey Middlemas 37F VancouverWA01:13:310:11:51F8523 
37 Tiffany Wooster 48F  01:14:100:11:58F10324 
38 Pam Miller 55FBeavercreekOR01:25:140:13:45F12125 
39 Lynette Hawkins 59F PortlandOR01:25:150:13:45F12226 
40 Starr Fox 38F VancouverWA01:30:480:14:39F8627 
41 Linda Sullivan 57FRidgefieldWA01:30:510:14:39F12328 

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