Vancouver Lake 4 Mile Run

4 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Madison Wick 15F VancouverWA00:29:170:07:19F411 
2 Madeleine Sellers 61FStevensonWA00:32:410:08:10F1312 
3 Maya Ghamrawi 17F PortlandOR00:32:590:08:15F423 
4 Bob Hagan 65MStevensonWA00:32:590:08:15M1411 
5 Mark Curtiss 37M PortlandOR00:33:250:08:21M812 
6 Sherri Mcmillan 49F VancouverWA00:34:020:08:30F1014 
7 Gregory Nelson 66M VancouverWA00:34:130:08:33M1423 
8 Olivia Ike 16F VancouverWA00:34:190:08:35F435 
9 Audrey Ike 23F VancouverWA00:34:190:08:35F516 
10 Shawn Dodd 40M VancouverWA00:35:170:08:49M914 
11 Kenya Kito 23M VancouverWA00:35:270:08:52M515 
12 Sabra Loney-dehart 55FCamasWA00:36:180:09:04F1217 
13 Manuel Hinsley 40M VancouverWA00:39:420:09:55M926 
14 Peggy Ike 55F VancouverWA00:40:540:10:13F1228 
15 Leslie Mcleod 42FForest GroveOR00:41:030:10:16F919 
16 Hannah Anderson 27F VancouverWA00:41:110:10:18F6110 
17 Michael Walsh 61M Battle GroundWA00:42:010:10:30M1317 
18 Amy Fullerton 51F VancouverWA00:42:030:10:31F11111 
19 Ashley Fullerton 23F VancouverWA00:42:040:10:31F5212 
20 Tony Poulsen 47MSt HelensOR00:42:130:10:33M1018 
21 Tess Koerner 31F PortlandOR00:42:330:10:38F7113 
22 Zale Shotwell 26M Battle GroundWA00:42:430:10:41M619 
23 Adrian Dart 30M TigardOR00:42:590:10:45M7110 
24 Alejandra Moreno 33F PortlandOR00:43:000:10:45F7214 
25 Corey Burns 45FLacenterWA00:43:010:10:45F10215 
26 Muriel Walsh 61F Battle GroundWA00:43:090:10:47F13216 
27 Cindy Krane 56F VancouverWA00:43:150:10:49F12317 
28 Angelica Garinis 40F PortlandOR00:43:280:10:52F9218 
29 Denise Hartzell 41F PortlandOR00:43:280:10:52F9319 
30 Jamie Carter 39FRidgefieldWA00:45:180:11:20F8120 
31 Dawn Galli 46F VancouverWA00:45:370:11:24F10321 
32 Max Meyer 9MWashougalWA00:45:470:11:27M2111 
33 Matthew Halpin 36M VancouverWA00:46:170:11:34M8212 
34 Tricia Halpin 45F VancouverWA00:46:220:11:35F10422 
35 Patrick Helt 53M VancouverWA00:48:560:12:14M11113 
36 Will Hewson 53M VancouverWA00:49:310:12:23M11214 
37 Phil Gibbs 44MRidgefieldWA00:50:230:12:36M9315 
38 Nathan Burck 57MKalamaWA00:50:410:12:40M12116 
39 Leeonna Hinsley 42F VancouverWA00:52:390:13:10F9423 
40 John Gordon 34M PortlandOR00:53:280:13:22M7217 
41 Jessica Velasquez 35F VancouverWA00:55:510:13:58F8224 
42 Bailey Grubbs 17FCamasWA00:56:270:14:07F4425 
43 Wendy Helt 53F VancouverWA00:56:450:14:11F11226 
44 Joan Haney 58FClackamasOR00:59:010:14:45F12427 
45 Vicki Whalen 56F VancouverWA01:00:230:15:06F12528 
46 Bill Haney 68MClackamasOR01:05:120:16:18M14318 
47 Tanarae Foran 49F VancouverWA01:08:020:17:01F10529 
48 Melissa Coury 53F PortlandOR01:08:040:17:01F11330 
49 Sharon Russell 47F PortlandOR01:08:090:17:02F10631 
50 Anna Breithaupt 26F VancouverWA01:10:280:17:37F6232 
51 Theresa Breithaupt 52F VancouverWA01:10:330:17:38F11433 
52 Ashley Weston 31FWashougalWA01:11:250:17:51F7334 
53 Lilli Meyer 5FWashougalWA01:11:250:17:51F2135 
54 Teresa Paschall 58FBrush PrairieWA01:16:420:19:11F12636 
55 Randy Paschall 70MBrush PrairieWA01:16:440:19:11M15119 
56 Troy Hershey 56M Battle GroundWA01:22:090:20:32M12220 
57 George Dinan 55MLa CenterWA01:22:100:20:33M12321 

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