CrossFit FortVancouver Elite Pairs

3.3 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 James Sprague 98MCascade Crossfit 00:21:120:06:25M2011 
2 Andre Jordan 98MIndustrious 00:21:160:06:27M2022 
3 Jeremy Donner 98MIndustrious 00:21:260:06:30M2033 
4 Ryan Smith 98MBig Sky Crossfit 00:21:350:06:33M2044 
5 Mathew Hornung 98M3 Ships 00:21:460:06:36M2055 
6 Ben Stoneberg 98MTreeline Crossfit 00:21:480:06:36M2066 
7 Eric Showman 98MCrossfit Amped, Shoreline 00:21:490:06:37M2077 
8 Zacq Hale 98MMoonshine Strength And Co 00:21:540:06:38M2088 
9 Steve Fox 98MOregon Crossfit 00:22:180:06:45M2099 
10 Nathan Mcnicholas 98MCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:22:220:06:47M201010 
11 Emily Rolfe 98FPure Payne 00:22:340:06:50F2011 
12 Ryan Smith 98M3 Ships 00:22:370:06:51M201111 
13 Deniz Arac 98MCrossfit X-factor 00:22:400:06:52M201212 
14 James Bevan-lee 98MCascade Crossfit 00:22:440:06:53M201313 
15 Betsy Simser 98FCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:22:440:06:53F2022 
16 Allan Dunlap 98MBig Sky Crossfit 00:23:020:06:59M201414 
17 Caileigh Mcdade 98FCrossfit Taranis 00:23:050:06:59F2033 
18 Marcus Stanley 98MIndustrious 00:23:080:07:01M201515 
19 Justin Ahrens 98MTreeline Crossfit 00:23:150:07:03M201616 
20 Kurt Baker 98MCrossfit Kitsilano 00:23:180:07:04M201717 
21 Taylor Johnston 98MLane 5 00:23:190:07:04M201818 
22 Mack Unrah 98MCrossfit Billings 00:23:210:07:05M201919 
23 Rachel Arnold 98FCrossfit X-factor 00:23:400:07:10F2044 
24 Carrie Dudley 98FCrossfit Iron Industry 00:23:450:07:12F2055 
25 Meghan Mcdade 98FCrossfit Taranis 00:23:490:07:13F2066 
26 Tyson Takasaki 98M  00:23:560:07:15M202020 
27 Tanner Stahl 98MWsu Crossfit 00:23:560:07:15M202121 
28 Caleb Woiwod 98M  00:24:110:07:20M202222 
29 Sean Boedeker 98MCrossfit X-factor 00:24:130:07:20M202323 
30 Leilani Lopes 98FCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:24:160:07:21F2077 
31 Andrea Roozen 98FCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:24:200:07:22F2088 
32 Austin Kemick 98MNone 00:24:280:07:25M202424 
33 Kelcy Ware 98FCrossfit Chateau 00:24:290:07:25F2099 
34 Connor Vale 98MCrossfit Kitsilano 00:24:330:07:26M202525 
35 Caitlin Ritchy 98FCrossfit Intensify 00:24:360:07:27F201010 
36 Travis Mead 98MIron Valley Crossfit 00:24:430:07:29M202626 
37 Drew Barquist 98MIndustrious 00:24:480:07:31M202727 
38 Shane Killian 98MCrossfit Wilsonville 00:24:500:07:31M202828 
39 Danielle Miles 98FNewberg Crossfit 00:24:510:07:32F201111 
40 Lauren Oakley 98FOregon Crossfit 00:25:000:07:35F201212 
41 Sun Chang 98MBoise Crossfit 00:25:040:07:36M202929 
42 Jered Souder 98MLane 5 00:25:060:07:36M203030 
43 Steve Howell 98MCrossfit Taranis 00:25:170:07:40M203131 
44 Kendra Haderlie 98FCrossfit Salmon Creek 00:25:210:07:41F201313 
45 Regan Huckaby 98FCrossfit Viento 00:25:250:07:42F201414 
46 Kaylee Lovelady 98FCrossfit I1uvit 00:25:260:07:42F201515 
47 Taryn Haggerstone 98FCrossfit Pacific Central 00:25:280:07:43F201616 
48 Travis Schliesser 98MThorbeckes Crossfit 00:25:450:07:48M203232 
49 Courtney Walker 98FCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:25:490:07:49F201717 
50 Christine Mcneal 98FNewberg Crossfit 00:26:020:07:53F201818 
51 James Porter 98MCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:26:020:07:53M203333 
52 Will Brindza 98MCrossfit Wilsonville 00:26:040:07:54M203434 
53 Ty Kelly 98MOregon Crossfit 00:26:230:07:59M203535 
54 Tia Wright 98FIndustrious 00:26:320:08:02F201919 
55 Deanna Schaper-kotter 98FCro 00:26:340:08:03F202020 
56 Katie Nadorozny 98FStudeo 00:26:450:08:06F202121 
57 Kelly Alvidrez 98FCrossfit I1uvit 00:26:470:08:07F202222 
58 Kelsey Walsh 98FCrossfit Salmon Crerk 00:26:490:08:08F202423 
59 Carly Fuhrer 98FType 44 00:26:490:08:08F202324 
60 Kaela Zeitler 98FCro 00:26:510:08:08F202525 
61 Casey Campbell 98FCrossfit Seven Cities 00:26:520:08:09F202626 
62 Chelsea Fredheim 98FCro 00:26:530:08:09F202727 
63 Paul Lance 98MCrossfit Taranis 00:27:060:08:13M203636 
64 Alanna Debell 98FIndustrious 00:27:100:08:14F202828 
65 Charli Anobile 98FRain City 00:27:160:08:16F202929 
66 Danielle Resha 98FCro 00:27:250:08:19F203030 
67 Matt Miller 98MCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:27:290:08:20M203737 
68 Molly Hitt 98FIndustrious 00:27:400:08:23F203131 
69 Tracy Nagai 98FLake Hills Crossfit 00:27:500:08:26F203232 
70 Caitlyn Zavaglia 98FCascade Crossfit 00:27:540:08:27F203333 
71 Chrysandra Darby 98FIndustrious 00:27:590:08:29F203434 
72 Sierra Ray 98FOregon Crossfit 00:28:310:08:39F203535 
73 Sara Christensen 98FCrossfit X-factor 00:28:380:08:41F203636 
74 Shannon Deperalta 98FCro 00:28:580:08:47F203737 
75 Kennedy Hilgers 98FCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:29:380:08:59F203838 
76 Karen Mccadam 98FCrossfit Viento 00:30:030:09:06F203939 
77 Trina Huarte 98FCascade Crossfit 00:30:080:09:08F204040 

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