CrossFit FortVancouver Masters

3.3 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Jason Clouse 44MCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:23:250:07:06M911 
2 Jennifer Howitt 39FBeaverton Crossfit 00:23:580:07:16F811 
3 Joey Kimdon 44FCrossfit Train 00:24:160:07:21F912 
4 Kevin Longmeier 39MCrossfit Duratus 00:24:250:07:24M812 
5 Jason Cardon 49MCrossfit Duratus 00:24:340:07:27M1013 
6 Chris Exarhos 49MBainbridge Island Crossfi 00:24:470:07:31M1024 
7 Jerime Maloney 39M  00:25:100:07:37M825 
8 Randy Richardson 49MCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:25:120:07:38M1036 
9 Monte Eslinger 49MThorbeckes Crossfit 00:25:140:07:39M1047 
10 Adam Keir 44MCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:25:180:07:40M928 
11 David Anzellotti 39MCrossfit Salmon Creek 00:25:190:07:40M839 
12 Nigel Noriega 44MCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:25:190:07:40M9310 
13 Leah Cabler 49FPacific Crest Crossfit 00:25:220:07:41F1013 
14 Dave Nieman 39MThorbeckes 00:25:370:07:46M8411 
15 Kelly Doran 49MCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:25:470:07:49M10512 
16 Andrew Graham 49M  00:26:060:07:55M10613 
17 Scott Bossert 44MCascadia Strength 00:26:090:07:55M9414 
18 Scot Brantley 44MCrossfit Salmon Creek 00:26:120:07:56M9515 
19 Keith Chrisman 44MCrossfit Marysville 00:26:130:07:57M9616 
20 Dan Purington 39MCrossfit Primal Energy 00:26:280:08:01M8517 
21 Joel Robles 49MReformation 00:26:350:08:03M10718 
22 Paul Reed 49MCfv 00:26:360:08:04M10819 
23 Kale Chalmers 49MCascadia Strength 00:26:510:08:08M10920 
24 Hensley Sejour 39MHensley Sejour 00:26:590:08:11M8621 
25 Corina Burger 39FThorbeckes Crossfit 00:27:050:08:12F824 
26 Sara Potter 39FThorbeckes Crossfit 00:27:080:08:13F835 
27 Christa Draggie 39FThorbeckes Crossfit 00:27:100:08:14F846 
28 Tory Moszeter 49MCrossfit Reformation 00:27:120:08:14M101022 
29 Jocelyn Streng 44F  00:27:130:08:15F927 
30 Allison Carley 44FInveniam Athletics 00:27:350:08:22F938 
31 Abe Cook 54MCrossfit Oregon City 00:27:420:08:24M11123 
32 Roque Varela 54MCrossfit Duratus 00:27:510:08:26M11224 
33 Barry Carel 54MSumner Crossfit 00:27:550:08:28M11325 
34 Jonathan Sears 39MCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:27:560:08:28M8726 
35 Jerome Perryman 44MUnaffiliated 00:28:080:08:31M9727 
36 Shenelle Higbee 39FCrossfit Iron Industry 00:28:100:08:32F859 
37 Shanna Bunce 54FTreeline Crossfit 00:28:440:08:43F11110 
38 Scott Bragonier 49MCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:28:480:08:44M101128 
39 Luke Fetch 39MThorbeckes Crossfit 00:28:490:08:44M8829 
40 James Strange 39MCrossfit Milltown 00:29:070:08:49M8930 
41 Sean Lewis 49MCrossfit Rising Wave 00:29:090:08:50M101231 
42 Dave Turczyn 49MThorbeckes Crossfit 00:29:140:08:52M101332 
43 Jennifer Mihaljcic 39FIndustrial Crossfit 00:29:180:08:53F8611 
44 Darby Brooks 39MCro 00:29:210:08:53M81033 
45 Joni Heidt 39FCascadia Strength (unaffi 00:29:280:08:56F8712 
46 Tina Flores 39FCrossfit Reformation 00:29:320:08:57F8913 
47 Melissa Knighton 39FCrossfit Lacey 00:29:320:08:57F8814 
48 Joyie Mosbrucker 44FIndustrial Crossfit 00:29:320:08:57F9415 
49 Haley Vilhauer 39FIndustrial Crossfit 00:29:370:08:58F81016 
50 Rick Mathiesen 39MCrossfit Rising Wave 00:30:090:09:08M81134 
51 Laurie Fish 39FCrossfit Pe 00:31:210:09:30F81117 
52 Robyn Stewart 54FFoundation Crossfit 00:31:300:09:33F11218 
53 Wesley Perdue 39MThorbecks Crossfit 00:31:340:09:34M81235 
54 Christopher Flury 55MCrossfit Dragonfire 00:31:410:09:36M12136 
55 Karlie Kinley 39FCrossfit X 00:32:040:09:43F81219 
56 Beth Smith 39FCrossfit Training Yard 00:32:050:09:43F81320 
57 Cara Yost 54FEllensburg Crossfit 00:32:140:09:46F11321 
58 Dave Griffith 49MEast Ridgefield Crossfit 00:32:180:09:47M101437 
59 Jim Kean 55MCrossfit Woodstock 00:32:180:09:47M12238 
60 Kirby Doyle 55MCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:32:310:09:51M12339 
61 Jason Vickery 44MCrossfit Salmon Creek 00:32:350:09:52M9840 
62 Megan Vickery 44FCrossfit Salmon Creek 00:32:410:09:54F9522 
63 George Sanchez 49MCro 00:33:090:10:03M101541 
64 Lisa Boomer 39FCascadia Strength (unaffi 00:33:350:10:11F81423 
65 Valerie Harris 54FCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:33:430:10:13F11424 
66 Tia Vesser 49FCrossfit Coeur Dâ??alene 00:33:450:10:14F10225 
67 Matt Buffham 44MCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:34:010:10:19M9942 
68 Deandre Garner 49MCrossfit Lacey Training D 00:34:200:10:24M101643 
69 Yvette Banks 49FFort Vancouver 00:34:510:10:34F10326 
70 Lani Rick 54FCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:35:370:10:48F11527 
71 Heather Sanchez 39FCro 00:36:520:11:10F81528 
72 Tammy Roseberry 44FCrossfit Salmon Creek 00:38:470:11:45F9629 
73 Deanna Wiliiams 49FCro 00:38:480:11:46F10430 

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