CrossFit FortVancouver RX Pairs

3.3 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Nich Desrosier 98MCrossfit Industrious 00:21:050:06:23M2011 
2 Joseph Butterfield 98MNone 00:21:420:06:35M2022 
3 Robbie Wilbur 98MCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:22:520:06:56M2033 
4 Steven Mckendrick 98MIndustrial Crossfit 00:22:550:06:57M2044 
5 Vincent Castillo 98MCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:22:570:06:57M2055 
6 Annie Voetberg 98FThorbeckes Crossfit 00:22:580:06:58F2011 
7 Mitch Kochis 98MEast Ridgefield Crossfit 00:23:030:06:59M2066 
8 Raquel Weed 98FCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:23:230:07:05F2022 
9 Raoul Campbell 98MCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:23:390:07:10M2077 
10 Foster Hill 98MCrossfit Advantage 00:23:480:07:13M2088 
11 David Paulson 98MSumner Crossfit 00:23:560:07:15M2099 
12 Jen Sargeant 98FCrossfit Seven Cities 00:23:570:07:15F2033 
13 Matt Dejesus 98MBeaverton Crossfit 00:23:580:07:16M201010 
14 Bri Rudolf 98FCrossfit Wilsonville 00:23:590:07:16F2044 
15 Taylor Altringer 98MBeaverton Crossfit 00:24:010:07:17M201111 
16 Emilee Jennings 98FBeaverton Crossfit 00:24:030:07:17F2055 
17 Colin Schoonover 98MCrossfit Intensify West 00:24:100:07:19M201212 
18 Nolan Willis 98MTreeline Crossfit 00:24:100:07:19M201313 
19 John Prepula 98MCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:24:320:07:26M201414 
20 Danika Lawson 98FSumner Crossfit 00:24:420:07:29F2066 
21 Brian Hill 98MCrossfit Advantage 00:24:460:07:30M201515 
22 Samantha Conzatti 98FThorbeckes Crossfit 00:24:480:07:31F2077 
23 Joe Lin 98MCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:24:570:07:34M201616 
24 Drew Rivera 98MBeaverton Crossfit 00:24:590:07:35M201717 
25 Zander Veith 98MBeaverton Crossfit 00:25:160:07:39M201818 
26 Alex Bigelow 98MIndustrious 00:25:220:07:41M201919 
27 Morgan Parkerson 98FCrossfit Intensify 00:25:300:07:44F2088 
28 Cj Mullins 98FCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:25:360:07:45F2099 
29 Brittani Ponder 98FCrossfit Wilsonville 00:25:400:07:47F201010 
30 Michael Mihaljcic 98MIndustrial Crossfit 00:25:460:07:49M202020 
31 Josiah Omalley 98MCrossfit R3 00:25:460:07:49M202121 
32 Anacaren Carrizales 98FFederal Way Crossfit 00:25:500:07:50F201111 
33 Emily Kramer 98FNone 00:25:510:07:50F201212 
34 Jared Garza 98MThorbeckes Crossfit 00:25:520:07:50M202222 
35 Sunny Temple 98MCrossfit Industrious 00:25:540:07:51M202323 
36 Joey Arnold 98MCrossfit X-factor 00:26:010:07:53M202424 
37 Anthony Stefanek 98MTreeline Crossfit 00:26:050:07:54M202525 
38 Aleah Thompson 98FCrossfit Industrious 00:26:140:07:57F201313 
39 Mac Vandiest 98MCrossfit I1uvit 00:26:220:07:59M202726 
40 Kevin Cummo 98MEast Ridgefield Crossfit 00:26:220:07:59M202627 
41 Brandon Thompson 98MCrossfit Salmon Creek 00:26:250:08:00M202828 
42 Ashley Kondziela 98FCro 00:26:320:08:02F201414 
43 Alec Pacheco 98MCrossfit R3 00:26:320:08:02M202929 
44 Matt Lovelady 98MCrossfit I1uvit 00:26:350:08:03M203030 
45 Faith Johnson 98FCrossfit Industrious 00:26:430:08:06F201515 
46 Tyson Rickerson 98MSumner Crossfit 00:26:460:08:07M203131 
47 Gina Paulson 98FSumner Crossfit 00:26:510:08:08F201616 
48 Dallas Daarudiii 98MThorbeckes Crossfit 00:26:510:08:08M203232 
49 Polly Albright 98FBeaverton Crossfit 00:27:050:08:12F201717 
50 Dayne Dyer 98MBeartooth Crossfit 00:27:060:08:13M203333 
51 Larry Phoeur 98MCrossfit Code Red 00:27:110:08:14M203434 
52 Amy Holt 98FCrossfit Seven Cities 00:27:130:08:15F201818 
53 Anastasia Garza 98FThorbeckes Crossfit 00:27:480:08:25F201919 
54 Destiny Schang 98FCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:27:550:08:27F202020 
55 Ryan Oneil 98MCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:28:380:08:41M203535 
56 Taylor Kasperick 98MBeartooth Crossfit 00:28:420:08:42M203636 
57 Kim Nguyen 98FCrossfit Fort Vancouver 00:28:420:08:42F202121 
58 Sarah Schechla 98FCrossfit Untamed 00:28:590:08:47F202222 
59 Bri Davis 98FEast Ridgefield Crossfit 00:29:050:08:49F202323 
60 Rachel Janny 98FCrossfit Lacey 00:29:060:08:49F202424 
61 Julie Denny 98FCrossfit Lacey 00:29:060:08:49F202525 
62 Destinee Vaughn 98FBeaverton Crossfit 00:29:150:08:52F202626 
63 Ronnie Knighton 98MCrossfit Lacey 00:29:410:08:59M203737 
64 Mark Eckroth 98MCrossfit Industrious 00:29:420:08:59M203838 
65 Matt Pfeiffer 98MCrossfit Lacey 00:29:530:09:03M203939 
66 Nick Tefs 98MCrossfit Salmon Creek 00:30:450:09:19M204040 
67 Kayt Gooding 98F  00:31:010:09:24F202727 
68 Dallas Mabe 98FCrossfit R3 00:31:240:09:31F202828 
69 Kerry Coombs 98FThorbeckes Crossfit 00:31:320:09:33F202929 
70 Brooke Guthrie-shedrick 98FCrossfit Intensify 00:32:040:09:43F203030 
71 Colleen Beatty 98F  00:32:060:09:44F203131 
72 Mason Soto 98FCrossfit R3 00:35:470:10:51F203232 

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