Y2K 10K Walk

6.2 Miles

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PlaceLast NameAgeGenderCityStateTimePaceCATAge PlaceGender PlaceClubCR
1 Lizzie Cheney 59F  01:16:370:12:21F1211 
2 Fenny Roberts 63F  01:17:040:12:26F1312 
3 John Norton 69M  01:21:120:13:06M1411 
4 Gary Shank 61M  01:24:550:13:42M1312 
5 James Scheer 73M  01:25:330:13:48M1513 
6 Marilyn Mcguire 58F  01:27:410:14:09F1223 
7 Stuart Munro 58M  01:29:450:14:29M1214 
8 Missy Bourquein 51F  01:31:160:14:43F1114 
9 Carla Higgins 55F  01:31:190:14:44F1235 
10 Lynn Schroeder 62F  01:31:190:14:44F1326 
11 Joanna Smith 52F  01:31:240:14:45F1127 
12 Brad Silva 47M  01:31:450:14:48M1015 
13 Alicia Ackerman 41F  01:33:090:15:02F918 
14 Leslie Comnes 58F  01:33:320:15:05F1249 
15 Norie Dimeo-ediger 58F  01:33:320:15:05F12510 
16 Amy Fanning 39F  01:37:340:15:44F8111 
17 Irene Rodegerdts 42F  01:39:400:16:05F9212 
18 Norman Salas 67M  01:40:050:16:09M1426 
19 Pat Salas 62F  01:42:010:16:27F13313 
20 Heidi Brill 40F  01:46:260:17:10F9314 
21 Patricia White 65F  01:46:330:17:11F14115 
22 Kim Forbis 56F  01:50:360:17:50F12616 
23 Dawn Mcfee 0F  01:50:370:17:51F1117 
24 Linda Armstrong 66F  01:56:100:18:44F14218 
25 Lynda Irons 57F  01:56:420:18:49F12719 

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